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WHAT TO BRING for the Full Day Rainbow Mountain Tour

WHAT TO BRING for the Full Day Rainbow Mountain Tour

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The hill of colors or Vinicunca is one of the mountains in the Vilcanota range and from this place you can see the Ausangate snow-capped mountain. Visitors are attracted to this place by the very colorful natural landscape due to the presence of stones and minerals sedimented by wind and water erosion. Below we provide you with some useful information about the things you should carry in your backpack and just enjoy this impressive attraction.

What you should take to enjoy the adventure to the fullest

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Seven Colors Mountain tour is only one day long and therefore it is NOT necessary to carry too many belongings and/or too much luggage since backpacks or large luggage stays at your hotel.

Bring a daypack with the following items:

Warm clothes: The tour to the Colors Mountain is NOT so cold; especially if we are on a sunny day; however, remember that the cold is felt at the top of the mountain and for that, you should bring: a light but warm jacket, a sweater or sweatshirt, a scarf, a cap and the wool gloves that will help protect you when you are taking your best pictures or simply enjoying the landscape of the Vinicunca Mountain.

  • Food: bring mineral water to stay hydrated, some snacks such as nuts, chocolates, sweets, cookies, etc. These will help you recover the energy that the walk demands.
  • Other personal items: rain poncho, sunglasses or sunglasses, sunscreen, trekking shoes, additional shoes, and/or sandals to rest your feet on the bus.
  • Money: Don’t forget to bring some extra money in soles for your personal expenses of snacks, mineral water, soda or sodas, horse service, and tips.

IMPORTANT: Remember that many of these products are also available on site, so if you prefer to support the locals, you can purchase them from them on-site and avoid carrying them from Cusco.

Get ready for the rainy season!

For the rainy season: November, December, January, February and March it is recommended to include an additional pair of sneakers, shoes or sandals to the ones you will use for the hike; these can be left in the transportation vehicle (Van, Bus or Car), until your return after the wet hike; also bring an additional sweater, sweatshirt or polo shirt to avoid the possibility of catching a cold or similar.

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