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We started Peru Cultural Connection Private Tours specialist  because….

We’re delighted to share our collection of trips with you, from Private Tours, cultural trips, adventure hikes, and much more also Peru Cultural Connection private tours specialist designed unique private tours for everyone who wants to enjoy every minute rather than worrying about logistics. Peru Cultural Connection Private Tours specialist takes care of all the arrangements, allowing you to focus on having fun! Plus includes plenty of free time for exploring.

​On the other hand, we want to create more jobs for the local people with better salaries and respect the workers welfare, Our top priority is to support our community for that reason Peru Cultural Connection Private Tours specialist create the homestay tours, that way together we can support the economy of the people in the mountains at the same time you can share the culture and traditions from this people

Explore the world at a relaxed pace


About the owner/founder.

Roger C. from Cusco – Peru, who born and grow up in Cusco he works as a tour leader responsible for groups of tourists from all over the world providing traveling support for them around the most important cities in Peru for more than 10 years also organizing Private Tours. He has also been traveling in most countries of South America like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile…

He has also been involved with various NGO projects, working whit children and weaver women of the Andean mountains, that is the way he met people from the communities and encourage them to start their own business showing and sharing their knowledge with the people from the world.

He is qualified in Mountain safety in the wilderness and first aid and has attended relative courses in Peru.

He speaks English, Spanish and Quechua the last one is the most important language to communicate whit the people in the communities

The local tour leaders

Peru Cultural Connection private tours specialist tour leaders are 100% local, from Cusco – Peru, they work with passion and deep knowledge of their destination make all the difference to your experience. They take care of the details, of course, so that you can savor the moment.

Our Leaders and crew provided all of the adventure and discovery one could hope for while treating you to first-class service and comfort and giving you a sense of absolute safety

The tour leaders are highly skilled professionals, they are experts in their fields—naturalists, art historians, photographers, mountaineers, they are also incredibly warm people who run on endless energy, an unquenchable thirst for fun, and genuine excitement for welcoming you. They have that special “it” factor that transforms a trip into an unforgettable journey.


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